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Sweat Like Caramel
Lia Mice
Objects Limited
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 20, 2022

2021 Oram Award Winner Lia Mice is a multidisciplinary artist whose works includes experimental electronic music production, large-scale digital musical instrument design and live A/V performance.

Lia Mice’s fourth album ‘Sweat Like Caramel’ (Objects Limited) was produced with a sense of fun and escapism, with nods to the eighties and to the Japanese band Yellow Magic Orchestra. Created during lockdown, Lia Mice imagined the feeling of finally returning to the dancefloor, being covered in sweat so thick, "sticky like caramel, sweet like molasses". 

All eight tracks on ‘Sweat Like Caramel’ showcase Lia Mice’s unique sound palette and creativity which cleverly mixes futuristic experimental techno pop, electro, and industrial music with vibrant production to produce an exhilarating, highly original album. ‘Sweat Like Caramel’ features Lia Mice’s own voice sampling and some of the instruments that Lia Mice has designed herself, including her latest instrument, ‘Chaos Bells’, a large (2 metre x 2 metre) sculptural instrument with 20 pendulums that produce bell-like chimes and chaotic drones.

Lia Mice’s previous album ‘The Sampler As A Time Machine’ (Optimo Music) was supported by many acclaimed electronic artists including Objekt, Call Super, Optimo, Zaltan, Koichi, Kid Who, Chloe Frieda, and Claire Morgan.

Written and produced by Lia Mice. Mixed by Francine Perry. Art by Lia Mice. Cover photo by Eleni Parousi. Styling by Natalie Sharp.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Something Has Made Me Sing 3:07 Buy

    Something Has Made Me Sing

  2. 2 Give Me All Your Money 3:56 Buy

    Give Me All Your Money

  3. 3 Sweat Like Caramel 4:00 Buy

    Sweat Like Caramel

  4. 4 We Dance Back To Back 5:12 Buy

    We Dance Back To Back

  5. 5 YHMIHY 3:56 Buy


  6. 6 Moonflower 2:46 Buy


  7. 7 I Don't Wanna Change 4:55 Buy

    I Don't Wanna Change

  8. 8 Ah Ah Ah 3:45 Buy

    Ah Ah Ah

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