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DJ Manny
Planet µ
Catalogue Number
Release Date
17 novembre 2023

DJ Manny's new album 'Hypnotized' is full of fresh ideas which push the footwork format of 160bpm hyper-rhythmic music in really enjoyable new directions. He builds on the romantic themes of his last album 'Signals In My Head' and evolves them with shades of blue, taking very natural sounding experimentation into new moods and musical colour while never making the album inaccessible. Arguably this is a fine successor to the ground broken by DJ Rashad's 'Double Cup' album, which of course Manny also worked on. 'Hypnotized' solidifies Manny's style, from relaxed r'n'b rollers to moments of romantic distress - like 'WTF Goin On' and the reflective 'You N You (ft. DJ Phil)', to more intense moments like the dubstep inflected 'Ooh Baby' from the vaults, co-produced by DJ Rashad himself. Other tracks like 'Want U Bad' retool Robert Hood style minimal techno whereas dark, nervous belters like 'Turn Me Up' sound like Paul Johnson at his most wild but welded to footwork rhythms and a pumping jump up drum & bass-line. There are also moments of enjoyably hype daftness like the acid and diva head-fuck of 'Opera' or the old school Bukem style jungle homage 'Lost In Da Jungle'. 'Hypnotized' is an album that expands footwork's template with natural ease and outstanding skill.

Liste de titres pour édition numérique

  1. 1 Hard Drive (ft. SUCIA!) 3:15 Acheter

    Hard Drive (ft. SUCIA!)

  2. 2 WTF Goin On 3:37 Acheter

    WTF Goin On

  3. 3 Hypnotized 3:12 Acheter


  4. 4 Ooh Baby (ft. DJ Rashad) 3:49 Acheter

    Ooh Baby (ft. DJ Rashad)

  5. 5 I Can Luv U 2:51 Acheter

    I Can Luv U

  6. 6 You N You (ft. DJ Phil) 3:25 Acheter

    You N You (ft. DJ Phil)

  7. 7 Overnight Flight 3:15 Acheter

    Overnight Flight

  8. 8 Want U Bad 3:36 Acheter

    Want U Bad

  9. 9 Turn Me Up 3:13 Acheter

    Turn Me Up

  10. 10 Opera 2:51 Acheter


  11. 11 Lost In Da Jungle 3:13 Acheter

    Lost In Da Jungle

  12. 12 Deep In My Mind 3:02 Acheter

    Deep In My Mind

DJ Manny

DJ Manny

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